Welcome to my homepage.

We are a small family-run business located in the centre of the Weinviertel. We produce fine honey and other bee-related products. We and our bees produce our honey in a very natural way. The bee hives are located between the Hochleitenwald and the Marchfeld.

Because it's the bees which make our product possible, we provide some information to you to understand the way honey is produced.

The honey bee (Apis mellifera) is a very important component of our ecological balance. Besides cattle and pig, the honey bee is one of the most important production animals. They inhabit hollow trees or small caves, and they live in colonies, which they split as soon as it becomes to narrow. As known bees collect pollen and nectar to produce high quality honey. 400 bees and 1.5 million blossoms are necessary to produce one kilogram of honey (source: Lungauer Bienenlehrpfad, Göriach). As beekeeper, we depend on the bees as well as they depend on us. Not only we provide hives, we also take care of them and help to fight enemies, such as mite parasites.

Beekeepers and all mankind owe a lot to the bees! Therefore let us all together protect the bees and their habitat. Albert Einstein already said: „As soon as the bees extinct mankind has only four years left living. No bees, no plants, no animals, no humans anymore.“

Therefor our work is a major contribution to bee protection. Your purchase of these products assures the existence of beekeepers and contributes to the survival of the honey bee.

Since we also have alpacas and quail, you get eggs from us and we also offer hikes!